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Podcast: Competition law and horizontal agreements - A cross-jurisdictional comparison

In the 10th episode of Bird & Bird's Competitive Edge podcast series, our lawyers from Australia, Singapore and the UK discuss and compare competition law and horizontal agreements in their jurisdictions, as well as in the EU. They share insights on competition laws in Australia, Singapore, the EU, and the UK, focusing on legislative landscapes and nuances specific to each region's economic and legal contexts. Comparisons are made in relation to aspects such as:

  • anti-competitive conduct 
  • exclusions and exemptions
  • enforcement authorities and 
  • penalties.

Overall, while one of the core principles across these jurisdictions is to maintain fair competition and prevent anti-competitive practices, the approach and enforcement vary, reflecting each region's unique legal, economic, and historical contexts. 

To learn more, listen to the 12-minute podcast here.

For more information, you will find the article to which the speakers refer in the podcast here.

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In Competitive Edge – The Podcast we dissect topical competition law issues to help you understand how they may affect your business.  Listen to other episodes from this series here.


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